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We got a chance to link with Celebrity Liaison and President of Promotions, Purple Miami, for an editorial of the latest arrivals from Gosha Rubchinskiy. For more on his daily routine, who his favorite DJs are and what 'The Sport of Fashion' means to him, check out the interview below and shop the collection here.

UNKNWN: To start, tell us who Purple is...

PURPLE: Purple is a guy working in nightlife for the past 15 years and who has professionally established himself as one of the go-to guys to get into iconic venues like LIV and STORY. From A-list celebs to the best athletes in the world, everyone goes through Purple. 

UNKNWN: Describe your personal style, what inspires you?

PURPLE: My style is what you would call 'What's Hot Right Now' - definitely not a hypebeast though. I know these brands and I constantly keep up with the dope brands that are out right now. My inspiration comes from honestly a little bit 90s hip-hop era. Most of these new joints that come out have those cool neon crazy colors that I like to mix and match. 

UNKNWN: So we know you're very serious about living a healthy lifestyle, how do you manage nightlife and fitness simultaneously?

PURPLE: Easy answer: discipline. I really believe in the 'Health is Wealth' motto. Being part of the nightlife hours has always motivated me to work on my fitness since I have a backwards schedule. Yes, I know what people are going to say when they read this, that there's nothing normal about getting home at 5am, going straight to a Barry's Bootcamp 60 minute class at 6am, then going to the gym after, going home to sleep for a few hours and going to do a hot yoga class. THERE'S NOTHING NORMAL THERE, that's plain insane haha. 

UNKNWN: Where did the name Purple come from?

PURPLE: It's been my 'name' well not really my name, but my nickname, for more than 25 years now. Simply because I used to wear a purple shirt every other week. There's been so many rumors about how I got it like I am Barney or my toes are purple, none of that is true. 

UNKNWN: We know you're around music all the time, who is your favorite DJ right now? 

PURPLE: Wow, putting me on the spot since I'm friends with hundreds of them haha. I'm going to have to go with Afrojack, DIPLO, and Black Coffee. 

UNKNWN: Define "The Sport of Fashion" and what it means to you?

PURPLE: All these up-and-coming brands are trying to keep up with each other but I think it's exciting because they're low key motivating each other to step up their game up. That's the cool thing about fashion, it never stops, it just keeps getting better and weirder.  

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