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The UNKNWN Spring 2023 Delivery 1 Drop is now available in store at UNKNWN Miami, UNKNWN Akron, and starting today.

UNKNWN takes a logo centric approach with new original graphics and designer applications. In line with its The Sport of Fashion mantra, casual and athletic style pieces like hoodies, t-shirts, shorts, hats and jackets are elevated with premium finishes and high quality fabrics.

Inspired by the evolution of the intersection of professional sports and athletes’ personal style, the new collection features the UNKNWN logo in a range of styles, from classic collegiate to futuristic. Rather than simply stitching or printing a word mark logo, UNKNWN utilized a variety of designs and specialized applications such as rubberized logos, embroidery, patches, injection molding, chain stitching, screen printing and graphic prints.

Colorways nod to UNKNWN’s two retail and community locations, with bright green, orange and blue that nod to South Florida warmth while deep green and brown represent Ohio seasonality.

Ensuring customers receive the feeling of getting more than what they pay for, costs for the collection range from $40 to $135.

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