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We recently linked with Miami native, NormaNow, creative consultant and tastemaker, for an editorial of the latest arrivals from Born X Raised and Ignored Prayers. For more on her new favorite DJs, upcoming projects and the importance of personal style in nightlife, check out the interview below and shop the collection here.   

UNKNWN: How would you describe NormaNow?

NormaNow: NormaNow is a brand that embodies a good time. If you see my double-N logo I can personally guarantee there’s a quality and assurance that you will have an awesome time and remember that day with friends for years to come. I’m trying to change the way we experience nightlife in Miami.

UNKNWN: What new projects do you have in the works?

NormaNow: Right now I’m working on a new creative studio called Proper. We aim to lift the standards on visual, creative and experiences here in Miami. Apart from that I’m working on bigger wins. Bigger concerts, bigger parties, better experiences. Trying to take things to the next level and do things to make myself uncomfortable; that’s the only way to grow.

UNKNWN: How important is personal style in Nightlife?

NormaNow: Swag in nightlife is important. Super important. It’s the whole thing. There’s an emulation and an urge as to why people want to come to a party or an event. They want to let loose they want to have fun and they want to be another version of themselves. We gotta put on our fly selfs and celebrate life on a daily.

UNKNWN: Who is your favorite DJ right now?

NormaNow: I listen to so much incredible music while out at work but I have to say my favorite DJs are any of the Soulection DJs. They are all incredible guys and I love the sound and feeling they push - it’s happiness, excitement, positive energy and love in a DJ set.

UNKNWN: Define “The Sport of Fashion” and what that means to you?

NormaNow: Sport of Fashion is the energy and training you put into being your best self. Rock that shit !!!! Be your flyest self!!!

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