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We recently linked up with artist management group, Super Music Group, for an editorial of the latest arrivals from Alexander Wang Fall ’18. Founded in 2010 by Brandon Kessler and Derek Walin, SMG specializes in representing DJs, producers and recording artists. For more on how they got started, what style in the music industry means to them and their latest projects, check out the full interview below and shop the Alexander Wang collection here
UNKNWN: For those that aren’t sure what you guys do, describe Super Music Group...
Derek: A dedicated team of managers and the artists we manage.
Brandon: Super Music Group was a vision that Derek and I had while still in college to help promote upcoming artists that we believed in. When we moved to Miami, we teamed up with Jake Jefferson and Aramis Lorie and have spent the past 7 years building our artists careers from the ground up. We mostly operate as a talent management company but have a label and publishing company as well.
UNKNWN: So what do you look for in new talent?
Brandon: Determination, consistency and overall being a good person.
Derek: Artists we believe in musically and as people. Artists we are going to be excited to be working with 24 hours a day, for years to come.
UNKNWN: How important is personal style in Music?
Derek: Specifically in the music business, an artist's personal style is very important. It's a huge part of their identity
Brandon: I think style and music go hand in hand. An artist's style helps portray their vibe and gives an intangible connection to their audience. I’ve always identified with artists I’ve felt have unique style. It helps showcase their interests beyond the music
UNKNWN: Speaking of style, what does The Sport of Fashion mean to you?
Brandon: I think “The Sport of Fashion” could be defined as the convergence of fashion & utility. It’s not only the clothes you wear but how you wear them that sets your personal style.
UNKNWN: Finally, we know you have a few projects coming up, what new projects should we look forward to?
Brandon: Upcoming projects include albums from Steven A Clark, Helado Negro and Amtrac. Steven’s headed out on tour with Chromeo this fall. Also, tons of new music from Wuki, Ape Drums, Promnite, Durante and Silent Addy.
Derek: Steven A. Clark's sophomore album Where Neon Goes To Die, produced by Boys Noise comes out this summer. Also Helado Negro's new live show and album will both be amazing.


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