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In the first of UNKNWN's City Guides, we travel to Tokyo––Japan's utopia. In it you will find an UNKNWN-approved map for enjoying, exploring, and eating your way through Japan's aesthetically-perfect city. 

Find yourself deep in Shibuya's curated thrift stores – from The Sun Goes Down to Hoochie Coochie, and Frank Black to Step Ahead – or explore designer offerings from Comme des Garçons and other Japanese favorites at hit consignment shops like Rinkan. Stop by Shibuya's epic Supreme outpost, then browse through Beams, Ware-Mo-Kou, or one of many A Bathing Ape's throughout the city.

We bring you across the city and back, for the world's best ramen on Tokyo Ramen Street or a relaxing stroll through the beautiful gardens of the Imperial Palace.  From the moment we touched down at Narita airport in early February, through our last days staying at the gorgeous Aman Tokyo, UNKNWN simply couldn't get enough. We packed winter jackets, cashmere hats, knit sweaters, and tough sneakers – but no gloves – and tackled the weather just fine. 

Join us as we cruise through Virgil Abloh's Something & Associates shop and Ginza's very own Dover Street Market. Of course, feel free to get lost in translation or follow the UNKNWN City Guide to Tokyo, the magical Japanese city.


Imperial Palace Gardens, Chiyoda, Tokyo

Kaminarimon Gate, Asakusa, Tokyo

Meiji Shinto Shrine, Aoyama, Tokyo



Liberty Anime Shop, Akihabara, Tokyo

Retro Game Camp, Akihabara, Tokyo

Animate, Akihabara, Tokyo

Harajuku at Takeshita Street Shibuya, Tokyo



Dover Street Market, Ginza, Tokyo

"Something & Associates", Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh, Aoyama, Tokyo

A Bathing Ape, Aoyama, Tokyo

Aape by A Bathing Ape, Shibuya, Tokyo

Yohji Yamamto, Aoyama, Tokyo

Beauty & Youth, United Arrows, Aoyama, Tokyo

T-Site, Tsutaya Bookstore, Daikanyama, Tokyo

Supreme, Shibuya, Tokyo

Ware-mo-kou, Menswear Boutique, Shibuya, Tokyo

Beams Men, Menswear Boutique, Shibuya, Tokyo

Eliminator, Shibuya, Tokyo

Blue Blue Japan, Shibuya, Tokyo



Hoochie Coochie, Vintage Army Supply, Daikanyama, Tokyo

Step Ahead, Curated Vintage, Daikanyama, Tokyo

Frank Black, Curated Vintage, Daikanyama, Tokyo

Rinkan, Designer Consignment, Shibuya, Tokyo

The Sun Goes Down, Vintage, Shibuya, Tokyo



Nippon Ramen, Tokyo Ramen Street, Tokyo



Aman Tokyo, Chiyoda, Tokyo



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