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We visited MariAngel known as @3thahardway1, at her home to talk inspiration, style and what The Sport of Fashion means to her. 

Tell us little about yourself, what do you do?


I am a collector of all things vintage whether its Nike, Ralph Lauren, or old Miami memorabilia. I'm the Lead Stylist at Unknwn for product and editorials. My job looks fun on Instagram but it really is.💁 LOL

Who would your dream client be to style?

A person like Bjork, she's been ahead of the curve for years; she made it okay for people like Lady Gaga and Kanye to do what they do. Tilda Swinton is another one, she takes androgyny to another level and it's always been refreshing. Fashion is more about confidence and they have it. BUT if I just want to really have fun with it, I would love to style A$AP Rocky, again, because CONFIDENCE.

What would your be your ideal location for a shoot?

The Portlligat Museum-House in Spain. Google search it and you'll see why. OR any Wes Anderson movie set.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from my passion and history.

What are some pieces you're loving at UNKNWN right now?

Definitely the new Tim Coppens collection, Champion Reverse Weave Logo hoodie, the Comme des Garçons Amazingreen Fragrance and Nike Air Max Prime sneakers. 

What does The Sport of Fashion mean to you?

The fashion industry is very competitive and if you stick to what you're good at, continue evolving and never give up - you'll win every time. It's all about skills, strategy, consistency and never having the fear to evolve.

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