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Tell us a little about yourself, what do you do?

I'm originally from New Haven, CT.. I joined UNKNWN last year after working as a PA to Rico Love and before that an outfielder in the Washington Nationals organization. A lot of people are going to read this and be like.. **in my best hater voice** "What He Doing At Unknwn Then?" Many life experiences bad and good however I wouldn't change any of it. Saw a lot and gained so much knowledge along the way. I am currently at UNKNWN as a Brand Specialist; I have a number of music industry and athlete friends, that are now my clients. 

Who would your dream client be to style?

Bob...Bob Marley. I love his effortless style...combining denims with colors and of course the legendary tracksuits. I wish he was still around touring. It would have been pretty cool to have him has a client. He represented peace and unity much like myself. 

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw my inspiration from a little bit of everywhere, but for sure from my Jamaican culture and the culture of the ever growing music industry. I had the opportunity to work for an artist as their assistant and creative director. It was dope taking the moods at the moment or if there is something I might have seen in a magazine, online, or just walking down the street then mashing them together to come up with different looks for a show or appearance. 

What does The Sport of Fashion mean to you?

The Sport of this one is funny to me. I had a guy tell me, "Fashion isn't a sport it's a way of life." In a way he isn't wrong. However, Fashion is a thriving business and it's a very competitive one much like sports. What I get from The Sport of Fashion is stay ahead of the rest and push boundaries. It's just a thing everyone can't do: you have to have a competitive edge/mind.

What’s next? Any upcoming BLVCKWOOD projects we should keep an eye out for?

Yes, I have been building with EarDrummer Records affiliate artist @ShottaSpence, that's my brother. His music is so ahead - he is a genius in my eyes. I am also taking my time working on new vibes with producers @VisionSoundMachine and Earl&E. In the meantime, I have some tunes on SoundCloud you guys can put your ears to here. Besides music, I want to continue building with different people and helping others bring their ideas to life.

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